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“I hadn’t been to a gym in years”

“Before joining, I hadn’t been to a gym in years. I felt tired all the time and wasn’t happy with my body.” What did you feel like before starting with Clear Fitness? Before joining, I hadn’t been to a gym in years. I felt tired all the time and wasn’t happy with...


5 Reasons why Clear Fitness is NOT a Gym

When I first decided I wanted to set Clear Fitness up (pretty much 3 years ago now) there was one main thing I had in mind. I didn’t want it to be like any other gym I had ever been to. In fact I didn’t even want it to be a ‘Gym’ I had spent 10 years of my life in and around gyms and started to hate...


10 Habit’s of a LEAN person

Who wants to be LEAN? Hands up… Quite alot of you then! Trust me, that’s very normal. A lot of people ‘want’ and/or ‘like’ the idea of being LEAN. Over the years while working and being in and around the fitness industry I have noticed several things that LEAN people do that other people don’t...


Got Kids so cannot work out…

An excuse I here FAR TOO often “I’ve got kids I don’t have time to go to the gym” Well……. I’m about to kick that excuse to touch! This post has been inspired by a former colleague, who kindly sent me the following message a week or so ago: “Hi Chris, Just want to let you know I’ve dropped 4 pounds o...


Change Your Mindset

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET!! This is the biggest challenge of all for most people when it comes to Diet and Nutrition. A lot of people have growing close to food and have an emotional connect with it. People tend to eat junk when they are down/sad and they also tend to eat junk when they are happy and cele...


How to Reduce Stomach Fat…

A question I get asked a lot, probably just behind how do I lose weight! Having a flat stomach or a 6 pack is the dream of many people out there. If you have ever been pregnant or sometimes indulge in too much food or one too many beers, you probably have a few unwanted pounds around the stomach you...