Weight Lifting Woman

Women SHOULD train like Men

I hate seeing these ads on the internet and in magazines about ’10 Best Female Exercises’ – This is BS and simply needs to stop!

Forget the idea that there are Men’s exercises and Women’s exercises, there isn’t! There are just exercises.

Women are cautious of lifting weights in a fear of getting ‘Bulky’, when in fact by doing this they will get the lean, slim, toned body they are looking for.

Women Lifting Weights

You simply CANNOT get that toned body without building some muscle! And apart from the very rare exceptions it is always more difficult for women to build muscle, due to the fact they have almost 10 times less testosterone in their bodies than Men. To overcome this woman sometimes need to train harder than men.

There is no reason why women shouldn’t Bench press, Deadlift, Shoulder press etc etc etc

I understand how hard it can be to start doing these exercises, because Women performing ‘Men’s Exercises’ in the gym are looked at as thought they are nuts!

I regularly take my girlfriend to the gym with me and sadly 99% of the time she is the only female in the weights room. As soon as she starts bench pressing, shoulder pressing, people start to look over! WHY? because people have been programmed to think women are these delicate little flowers who shouldn’t lift weights. When in fact they couldn’t be further from the truth!


LEGS are the only exception

In my experience the second a women cannot fit into her skinny jeans because her thighs are an inch bigger, all hell breaks loose. And let’s face it most females aren’t looking to get their quads ripped enough to see every muscle!

To avoid this I simply place more emphasis on the posterior chain (Hamstrings, Glutes). Don’t get me wrong squats will still be in there somewhere, but there will just be the one squat variation in each program.

FINAL MESSAGE – If you are really looking to change your body for the better you need to incorporate weighted exercises into your program. If you need help on where to start contact a reputable fitness professional in your area.

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—Chris Morris

P.S Please stop jogging on that treadmill or using other cardio machine every session for 30-60 minutes. Get off and lift some weights!

author: Jordan Thursby

Owner and personal trainer at Clear Fitness.