10 Habit’s of a LEAN person

Who wants to be LEAN? Hands up… Quite alot of you then!

Trust me, that’s very normal. A lot of people ‘want’ and/or ‘like’ the idea of being LEAN.

Over the years while working and being in and around the fitness industry I have noticed several things that LEAN people do that other people don’t.

In this post I am going to share 10 things with you that LEAN people do!

BUT before you read on…… If you’re hoping to find a magic supplement, pill or diet listed, just click off this page now. Your mindset isn’t right yet, you are not ready to get LEAN.


LEAN People…..

1) Get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night
They see sleep as an important part of their daily routine. It’s an important part of recovery and LEAN people recognise that. They don’t just sleep for as many hours as they can fit in after their favourite TV programs finishes. They calculate and ensure they are in bed asleep at a time which will allows them to get 7-8 hours.

2) Train (hard) 4-6 days a week
365 days of the year. Yeah ok, they don’t, but what I am trying to get at here is that they train 4-6 times a week very consistently. Not a month on then a month off. Yes they take time off for Holidays, Christmas etc… but they are back in the gym the day after.

3) Talk and socialise with people who have a similar mindset
You might have noticed this…..LEAN people seem to have LEAN friends right? That’s because the people around you have a bigger influence on you than you think. If you want to get LEAN does it really make sense to spend most of your time with people that continually eat crap and get drunk every weekend? Being around people who have different goals to you is going to make it soo much harder to stay on track.

4) Prepare meals the night before
They see food in a different way to other people. They see food as an important part of their health, something that is going to fuel their body and help them get LEAN. They don’t see food as something to avoid.
They care about the way they look and feel, so they put preparation into their food choices.

5) Are positive and happy people
They never seem to concentrate on negatives, everything is seen in a positive way and they continually strive for perfection in everything they do. If they fail in something they use it as part of their learning, not as something to feel down and worry about.

6) Cook for themselves
If they cannot cook, they learn. Then they learn to enjoy cooking. Then they start to experiment with cooking, which makes them look forward to every meal and really start to enjoy food.

7) Set short term goals
They set short, medium and long term goals. But the key is to set short term goals to get you to your medium term goals, which then get you to your long term goal. If they have a goal to lose 28lbs, they set small goals of maybe 2lbs per week and track that weekly. This helps keep them motivated and not feel like their goal is a million miles away.

8) Eat a Protein and Fat based breakfast
They recognise sugary Cereal’s aren’t going to help them stay sharp and awake throughout the day.
Eating sugary crap first thing on a morning will only lead you to a sugary crash mid-day, which will then cause you to eat more sugary crap. Which will then leave you tired, grumpy and lethargic…. They don’t want to enter the gym feeling like that.

9) Track Calories & Macro’s
A LEAN person once said to me…… “if you’re not tracking, you’re guessing” and this has always stuck with me. You can still over eat and gain fat eating healthy food. Download myfitness pal now and start keeping track

10) See training as part of their life
For LEAN people training doesn’t get squeezed in as and when they can be bothered. It’s planned week by week and they stick to that plan. There is LEAN people who work 60+ hrs a week and have children, but they still find time to train.
AND LEAN people enjoy training, the time they spend in the gym is their favourite part of the day.

Becoming LEAN is a choice.

BUT you MUST make health, diet and training a priority in your life to achieve it.

If being Fit, Healthy and LEAN is not a priority in your life, you will find excuse after excuse not to stay on track.

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—Chris Morris

P.S….Its only SEPTEMBER could people please stop mentioning Christmas!!

author: Jordan Thursby

Owner and personal trainer at Clear Fitness.