Late Night Eating

Late Night Snacking

Late Night Eating

What’s the deal with ‘Late Night Snacking?’

Possibily the biggest myth out there when discussing fat/weight loss – “Don’t eat after 5/6pm”

Why is the above a myth? AND what really is the deal with snacking/eating late at night?

Well, there is nothing to prove that eating at 9pm is any more likely to lead to fat gain than the same meal eaten earlier in the day.

People believe because we don’t exercise after eating late at night that it means it will all store as body fat. WRONG for many reasons! Our metabolism doesn’t just stop working when we fall asleep, we continue to burn calories while sleeping. Also without going into too much detail our bodies will use alot of the food eaten on an evening to replenish certain stores within our bodies (especially if you have trained in the evening and this is your post-workout meal).

Meal frequency/timing matters far less than most people think. It simply comes down to the amount of calories (and macro’s) you consume within the whole day, not what time you eat them. Just remember to track calories/macro’s and factor your late night meal into your plan.

All the above being said, late night snacking/eating can still be bad. WHY? HOW?

Eating late on an evening can prevent some people from falling asleep. However most of the time this comes down to WHAT you actually eat late at night. Find a meal you enjoy, which is healthy and helps you fall asleep satisfied after. NOT a massive Pizza which will more than likely have you feeling bloated and in some cases in discomfort.

One other reason it can be bad…… It takes you over your calories/macro’s for the day. Remember if you plan to eat late on an evening factor this into your full days plans!

BONUS TIP – If you’ve just read all of this and have no idea what macro’s are? Or have no idea what your calorie intake should be? Head over to a blog I put together a while back to get an idea –

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—Chris ‘Late Night’ Morris

P.S… I am off to Bodypower this weekend AND I cannot wait! Hoping to learn loads of new cool stuff which I can share with you guys.

author: Jordan Thursby

Owner and personal trainer at Clear Fitness.