Kris dropped 6 Stone without feeling like he was dieting


“My wardrobe consisted of loose fitting jeans, oversized joggers and XL-XXL t shirts and jumpers to try and disguise my belly and moobs.”

What did you feel like before starting with Clear Fitness?

It was late March 2017 and I was sat getting on to nearly 18 and a half stone. I wasn’t happy in myself with the way I looked. I couldn’t wear clothes I wanted to, didn’t like taking my top off in front of people so would never go swimming etc. And to make it worse, all of my close friends were close to 5 stone lighter than me and all enjoyed being active. My wardrobe consisted of loose fitting jeans, oversized joggers and XL-XXL t shirts and jumpers to try and disguise my belly and moobs.

Late one night, I came across an advert on social media for Clear Fitness. “Do you want to lose weight and get stronger?”, it read. “Yes I do!” I thought, so I messaged and arranged a consultation. After the consultation and having gone through with Chris my goals, current/previous diet and exercise regime, I signed up to their Small Group Personal Training program.

What has the past 12 months been like for you?

I started training at the beginning of April 2017 and felt welcomed and fit right in straight away. The hardest part at the beginning was taking part in strenuous exercise and trying not to throw up, which, in the beginning, was tough. But I persevered and almost straight away I was seeing results. I was weight training generally 3 times a week with the odd cardio session here and there. By the end of the first month I’d dropped a stone. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All I had been doing was tracking my calories, ensuring I was eating enough protein and training 3 times a week. After that first month, I was hooked. I started getting a lot more active and walking a lot more.

Although I was dieting, it didn’t feel like I was. 2,200 calories can go a long way. I never starved myself nor did I ever feel hungry. Just watched what I was eating and tracked calories. It was difficult at first having to log everything but no one said it was easy. I followed this same plan for 6 months and dropped a further 3 stone. A total of 4 stone in just 6 months. I became so much happier in myself. My clothes had changed, my body confidence had changed, but most importantly, my outlook on food had changed. When you’re the weight I was, it had to be a total lifestyle change to maintain all the hard work I’d put in. I was able to track calories Monday to Friday and go out for dinner and drinks on the weekend and maintain what I had achieved. I’d found that right balance.

After a few more months of maintaining and enjoying an all inclusive holiday, I wanted to trim up even more. I had a chat with my PT, Jordan, who suggested carrying on what I was doing but reduce my calories by a further 200 per day. So again, I did what I was told. I tracked calories, hit my protein target and trained 3 times a week. The weight carried on dropping off. I enjoyed myself at Christmas, but didn’t go daft as I didn’t want to undo all my hard work, then resumed my calorie tracking in the January.

By this point I was totally hooked on training, with my wardrobe full of gym clothes. I was so happy in myself. Wearing slim fit clothes to go out and not worrying about going swimming or removing my top in front of people. So in the February, I signed up to Clear Fitness’s 12 week transformation. Following a ‘cutting’ program. I spent 8 weeks at 2200 calories, then 2 weeks at 2000, one week at 1800 and the final week at 1600. I finished the transformation at 75.6kg and a body fat percentage of 5.4%

Now don’t get me wrong, there were times when it was hard. I’d been eating very carefully and seeing little results at times and when “hangry” kicks in, everything and everyone can irritate you for no apparent reason. Yes, it was hard (anything life changing is) and I couldn’t have done it without the love and support from My wonderful wife to be, Rachel.

She put up with quite a bit at some points, me being irritable, eating separate meals and sometimes not seeing each other much due to work and gym commitments. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her, and indeed, the help and advice from Clear Fitness.

What advice would you give to someone who is in the position you were 12 months ago?

Clear Fitness has totally turned my life around. I love being active and it’s unreal that just 12 months ago I was 6 stone heavier and getting out of breath by going up the stairs.

If I was to give advice to anyone about losing weight, I’d say track your calories, train 3 times a week, walk more but most importantly, be consistent. One bad meal won’t make you fat, but one good meal won’t make you lean.

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author: Jordan Thursby

Owner and personal trainer at Clear Fitness.