Diet on a Budget

Diet on a Budget

I have started seeing Eating Healthy is too expensive far too much lately.

In this post I am going to give you sooo much detail on how to eat healthy on a budget and prove that saying “It’s too Expensive” is WRONG, that I NEVER want to hear it said again!

Back to the post…. Mini rant over!

Diet on a Budget

Firstly let’s take a look at essential food groups you need to consider when shopping:
Protein Sources
Fat Sources
Carbohydrate Sources
Fruit/Vegetables (Vitamins and Minerals)

Protein Sources
Eggs – £2 for 12
Tinned Tuna/Salmon/Mackerel – £1 per tin
Chicken breast (Frozen are cheaper) – £4 for 1kg
Mince – £2/3 depending on size needed
Liver & Kidney – £1 per pack
Quark – £79p a tub
Cottage Cheese – 64p a tub
Greek Yogurt – £1 a tub

Fat Sources
Olive Oil – for salads – £2.39 (750ml)
Organic Butter (Kerrygold) – for cooking – £1.50
Avocados – £1
Sunflower/Pumpkin Seeds – £1
Tinned Fish/Seafood
Mixed Nuts – £1.50
Coconut Milk – 79p a tin

Carbohydrate Sources
Sweet Potatoes – £1 (650g)
Basmati Rice – £1.09 (500g)

Spinach – £1 a bag
Kale – £1 a bag
Broccoli – 49p
Carrots – 70p
Cherry Tomatoes – £1
Celery – £1
Cucumber – 49p
Mixed Peppers – £1 (3 peppers)

Frozen mixed berries – £2
Lemon – 80p (4 lemons)
Lime – 80p (4 limes)

Grand Total of – £33.98

Think prices seem cheap? You could probably get that even lower if you shopped at your local grocery market and local butchers.

Obviously I am aware this will not feed bigger families. This blog post was simply to show you what sort of foods you should be looking at buying and the cost of each.

There are more items I could add, but the above is a great starting point for most people. If you have a bigger food budget I would recommend looking at adding more meat/seafood (Turkey, Lamb, Beef, Pork), White Fish, Salmon and more Veggies.

BONUS TIP – When thinking about healthy foods, follow this little saying and you cannot go far wrong ‘If you can’t pick or kill it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it’

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—Chris ‘Budget’ Morris

P.S… I am back from Bodypower (which was awesome) with a mind full of new knowledge. So much that I am going to be putting on a event  in the next couple of months to share it all with you.


author: Jordan Thursby

Owner and personal trainer at Clear Fitness.